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More thoughts about University | February 15, 2012

Ms. Lotz posted the following link on her facebook page. The blog talks about how one should choose a a course of study in university that one is passionate about rather than one that may seem the most practical or likely to lead to the best job prospects. Most of you don’t really know what you want to do and acquiring skills and experience may be the most important reasons you should pursue a post-secondary education. Most of you will not have one job/career with life long security like most in my generation have had-you need to be as prepared as possible with a variety of skills and talents. Read the link and tell me if it makes you think about why you are going to university and why you have chosen the program you have:



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  1. For me I chose to go to University because I know that it will benefit me in the future for getting a job. I want to be a Police Officer so I know I don’t post-secondary, I’m pretty sure I just need my Grade 12, but I personally felt that University is a great way to have some life experience since the Police don’t even hire people until they are at a mature enough age, and also get a degree in something that I can use towards my job. Luckily for me, I am looking at taking courses that I do enjoy (Sociology, Psychology) and that can also be used for getting a job when I’m done. I think that post-secondary is a place where people should be taking courses that can get them a job (but in a job that they will enjoy) or really what’s the point of spending all that money just to have a piece of paper that says I had fun at University. I do feel that University is a great opportunity to try out electives that you would normally not take and are of interest, but I think the main purpose of it is to prepare yourself for your future, not to have fun for 4 years. The fun will come, by doing things you like that prepare you for your future (a great compromise) 🙂

    Comment by kylekaminskawo — February 19, 2012 @ 11:55 PM

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